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The Vegan Society of Ireland was formed in 2009 by a group of vegans concerned with the promotion of the vegan philosophy and lifestyle in Ireland.

About veganism.

Whether you are a long-time vegan, new to veganism, curious about veganism, or you know someone who is a vegan, we hope this website will answer all your questions.

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Vegan Ireland wants to know what you are thinking!

Do you want to share your experience as a vegan with others in Ireland? Vegan Ireland is looking for vegans who are interested in giving their experiences / opinions on a series of vegan questions. [...] Read more.

Vegan Ireland meet-up

Meet-Up in Govinda's Aungier St, Sat 8th March.

Govinda's vegetarian restaurants are known worldwide for their delicious and nutritious vegetarian food and they are a long-time favourite among vegans. They always have a choice of options for vegans. Visit their website to know more. [...] Read more.

Bath & Crafts interview

An interview with Bath & Crafts Irish Handmade Soap.

Bath & Crafts Irish Handmade Soap is an Irish shop located in Kenmare, County Kerry. They make bath and beauty products from natural ingredients. All their products are suitable for vegans. [...]Read more.

Web Programmer

Web programmer wanted!

Vegan Ireland are Looking for a Volunteer Web Programmer: If you are a Web Programmer, and want to help us develop our new Vegan Ireland website, we would love to hear from you! Please let us know your availability and email us today at vegansireland@gmail.com.

VI bookclub

The Animal Rights Debate. Abolition or Regulation? Book-club, Monday 24th February.

The Animal Rights Debate. Abolition or Regulation?, by Gary L. Francione and Robert Garner, is the current book the Book Club will read through and discuss. We will cover pages 102 - 135. [...] Read more.

Valentine Day

Valentine's Day ideas.

Valentine's Day is around the corner. With the growing amount of options suitable for vegans out there, here's a quick list of possibilities if you plan to surprise a loved one. All are Irish based businesses. [...] Read more.


Best vegan spreads.

There are many spreads suitable for vegans out there. What are your favourite ones? Healthy spreads are the wisest option, but sometimes it is nice to forget about health and eat something a bit more "naughty", just for the taste of it! [...] Read more.


Our 3 best brands of tofu.

Tofu is a soft or firm white block of coagulated soy milk. It is used in many Asian dishes. Unfortunately, tofu has the reputation of having a bland taste, so people new to it often make the mistake of eating it raw or cooked on its own. [...] Read more.

Umi Falafel Supporter Card

Umi Falafel joins Supporter Card.

Umi Falafel is offering all Vegan Ireland "Supporter Card" holders a 15% discount. The Supporter Card allows supporters to get up to a 20% discount at a growing number of businesses around Ireland. [...] Read more.

Vegan Lip Balm

Where to buy vegan lip balm.

When the cold and wind kick in, our lips can get sore and cracked. Only a lip balm can get those lips back in perfect condition! The thing is, it is not an easy task to find a good quality vegan lip balm. Most mainstream lip balms contain beeswax and ingredients that have been tested on animals. [...] Read more.